Liquid rhizobia inoculant for legume seeds

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Legumes form a symbiotic relationship with species-specific rhizobia (root nodule bacteria). Legumes are able to fix atmospheric nitrogen with the help of these nodules. That is why only legumes that have a sufficient number of nodules can achieve optimal performance. At 78% of Earth’s total atmosphere, atmospheric nitrogen represents a large reservoir of this element. However, most plants can only absorb nitrogen in mineral form as ammonium, and in particular nitrate. Only legumes can fix molecular atmospheric nitrogen in symbiosis with rhizobia. To ensure this symbiosis, the root and the bacteria need to be in contact. In order to lure the rhizobia to the roots, the roots excrete substances that lead the rhizobia to the plants. The bacteria recognise the plant cells via these substances and the root cell is “infected”.

In order to ensure a sufficient supply of rhizobia, crops such as soya and lupins must be inoculated with root nodule bacteria. In the case of native grain legumes field beans and peas, the bacteria are sometimes already present in the soil. An additional inoculation is usually recommended for these. With clover, and in particular with alfalfa, whether rhizobia are already present in the soil or not depends very much on the particular soil conditions. Whatever the case may be, we recommend adequate inoculation with RhizoFix® to guarantee full coverage and ensure optimal growth.

All RhizoFix® products are approved for conventional and organic farming.

Advantages of seed inoculation with RhizoFix®

  • Higher yields compared to no inoculation (even with repeated cultivation)
  • Fastest possible symbiotic interaction between the plants and the rhizobia
  • Direct contact with the seed → rapid root settlement
  • A specific strain of rhizobia for each species
  • Cultivation also possible on land where rhizobia do not occur naturally
  • Strong growth
  • Inoculant is easy to work with
  • Ready for immediate use

RhizoFix® is a liquid inoculant for legume seeds. Feldsaaten Freudenberger has in recent years conducted intensive research into developing its own rhizobial strains. The best strains were selected in a large number of laboratory and practical tests. The aim of the selection was to find strains that form a symbiotic relationship with the host plant as quickly as possible while simultaneously contributing to optimal yields. By using RhizoFix® products, it is possible to grow appropriate legumes on areas that do not have any natural rhizobia population.


The product is ready to be used immediately – it is not necessary to mix the individual components beforehand. All that is required is that the seed is mixed thoroughly to ensure that all the seeds come into contact with the inoculant. We recommend adding the inoculant directly in the seed drill or in a suitable concrete mixer or similar machine. A pump sprayer or field sprayer is a good choice to be able to finely distribute the inoculant.

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