Mixtures for your success

Catch crop mixtures to shape the future

For over 10 years, catch crop mixtures have been steadily growing in popularity. Especially with the start of greening measures in 2015, their use in agriculture has become widespread.

At Feldsaaten Freudenberger, we produce and sell top-quality catch crop mixtures under our TERRA GOLD® brand. We will continue to offer a broad spectrum of TERRA GOLD® catch crop mixtures even after greening initiatives wind down and the obligation to cultivate catch crops on many fields comes to an end.

Because agriculture is constantly developing, we will also be adapting the portfolio of mixtures to be in line with current needs and technological developments.

TERRA GOLD® offers top-quality catch crop mixtures with the following properties:

  1. Mixtures tailored to crop rotations which are optimised to the most economically important subsequent crop.
  2. The weighting of the species in the mixture is calibrated to ensure that the benefits of every individual species can be used.
  3. Mixtures are species-rich and optimised to various site characteristics.
  4. Many mixtures contain leguminous plants for nitrogen fixation, which are an important contribution to the commercial viability of main crops, especially in times of high fertiliser prices.

An important part of the development of the TERRA GOLD® range is constantly adapting to new technologies.

For several years, there has been a rise in pre-harvest sowing of catch crops using broadcast seeding with drones. In order to stay abreast of this new technology, our TERRA GOLD® 21 and TERRA GOLD® 22 offer two new catch crop mixtures that have been adapted to the needs of pre-harvest sowing by drone.

Additionally, our TERRA GOLD® range now offers more new mixtures for you to discover: TERRA GOLD® 24 BlitzStart, a cruciferous plant-free mixture for cereal and maize rotations, TERRA GOLD® 25 Allround, an all-rounder that is especially effective in rotations with rapeseed and other cruciferous plants, and TERRA GOLD® 26 HotSummer, a universal mixture for very dry conditions, which have been increasingly common in the last few years.

You may also be interested to know that many TERRA GOLD® mixtures are now also available as organic seeds and can even be eligible for subsidies through the FAKT II Programme in Baden-Württemberg.

The wealth of offerings in the TERRA GOLD® range is sure to have the right mixture for your needs.


TERRA GOLD® – always a good choice!