Research and development

From experiments on the field to research for practical application


The Research and Development department at Feldsaaten Freudenberger has steadily increased in importance and scope in recent years. Seed-specific processes, such as rhizobia treatment and coating technology, are thoroughly researched and, when found suitable, are perfected to become marketable.


Saplings of individual species and mixtures are also cultivated under laboratory conditions and exposed to various conditions. In this way, it can be researched which candidates are best suited to difficult conditions such as salinity, drought, waterlogging or certain temperatures.


The approximately 250 m² research laboratory with its modern and comprehensive equipment is ideal for carrying out this work.

Our areas of research:

  • Increasing the storage stability of products
  • Exploring and developing internal microbiological experimental opportunities
  • Adapting Coated Seed to climatic conditions
  • Use of microbes, fungi and other biostimulants
  • Outdoor experiments and exact tests under the influence of different stressors
  • Field tests of new products, species and mixtures
  • Selection procedure for testing new varieties
  • Sustainable and resource-saving products
  • Various scientific projects in cooperation with universities, colleges and other institutions

  • More information on research and development at Freudenberger
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