Quality assurance

Sow good seeds and you will reap with joy


Feldsaaten Freudenberger attaches great importance to only supplying high-quality seeds. A seamless quality management system is essential in order to guarantee consistently high quality. Quality assurance begins as soon as the goods are received. The ISTA samplers, certified by the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture, draw samples from each batch or product that is delivered and perform quality control in the in-house laboratory and ISTA stations.


Each year, around 5,000 seed samples are taken at Freudenberger and checked in our in-house testing laboratory by our 9-person team of trained, technical agricultural assistants. A further 5,000 samples are examined at external laboratories in Germany and abroad, with which the company works in close cooperation. The external laboratories include laboratories of the individual chambers of agriculture and seed testing stations of the state offices.

All tests are carried out conscientiously, according to the latest methodology and international standards. The current regulations for all seed testing worldwide specify exactly how and which seed is to be tested. The test specifications of the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) Rules play a very special and important role here.

Quality control parameters:

  • Technical purity
  • Stocking with other seeds (crops and weeds)
  • Germination capacity
  • Thousand grain weight (TGW)
  • Moisture

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