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Organic BG 110 Common bean mixture

for the maize-mixture-cultivation

The common bean mixture is comprised of at least two varieties, which are particularly well-suited for cultivation in combination with maize. They have been chosen based on special criteria and rigorous testing. The varieties mature relatively late, allowing their harvest date to match that of maize.

In addition, their dry matter production is significantly higher than that of varieties meant for vegetable production. The mixture can be cultivated together with maize.

SPECIAL OFFER:  With the purchase of Organic BG 110 Common bean mixture, receive the corresponding rhizobia inoculant, RhizoFix® RF-60 free of charge. Available while stocks last.

Maize-runner bean mixture harvest video


Art.-No.: 44180

Category: Other products

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    1 unit/ha (45.000 grains)

    Sowing period:

    as mixture with maize


    like maize pure sowing

    Sowing depth:

    2-4 cm

  • Ingredients
    • Common beans (100 %)