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Dactylis glomerata


Cocksfoot is a perennial, tussock-forming tall grass which develops relatively quickly. It has high competitive vigour and strong mass formation; while it is winter-hardy, it is vulnerable to spring frosts. It is particularly drought resistant. Apart from sites that are too wet, cocksfoot is very adaptable and can be found even in alpine regions. As such, it is suitable for both mowing and grazing. On dry sites, it is an ideal partner for fodder cultivation mixtures with clover and alfalfa.


Category: Grasses and legumes

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    20–25 kg/ha

    Distance between rows:

    as cereals

    Sowing period:

    to late August

    Sowing depth:

    1–2 cm


    dry areas

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