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Test winner 2020: RhizoFix® RF-10


Test winner 2020:

In an independent study by the Augustenberg Agricultural Technology Centre, RhizoFix® RF-10 was found to be the best-performing rhizobial inoculant for soya beans.


The LTZ Augustenberg trial tested a total of 15 rhizobia inoculants for soya beans and examined their influence on yield, among other aspects:


“Soya inoculated with RhizoFix RF-10 had the highest yield, with 27.9 dt ha-1 (p < 0.001).”


Source: LTZ Augustenberg 2020

By comparison:


the yield level for all other inoculants tested was 22.8 dt ha-1. The uninoculated control had the lowest yield, with 15.1 dt ha-1. 


You can find more information on the study on the LTZ Augustenberg website.


Good to know:


As legumes, soya beans can enter into a symbiotic relationship with root nodule-forming bacteria called rhizobia. These root nodules allow legumes to fix atmospheric nitrogen and convert it into a plant-available form, which is then available to the following crop.


Only plants with a sufficient number of root nodules can achieve optimal performance. Using RhizoFix® can help increase both yield and vitality.

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