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Common vetch - Vicia sativa


With its high and uniform yields, especially of crude protein, EBENA has made a name for itself as a top variety. A prolific grower, EBENA covers the ground quickly after being sown. Its low inclination to flower allows it to be grown for longer without the risk of losses in fodder quality. EBENA can also be used in mixtures with field peas and field beans, offering a protein-rich fodder that is ideally suited for fresh feed or silage. The plant’s rapid early development and leafiness ensure rapid ground coverage and effective weed suppression. Since common vetch has no adverse effects on crop rotation, it is a very good component of sugar beet rotations and is reliably winterkilled. EBENA especially thrives on lighter soils, and is relatively unaffected by drought.


Bundle: 25 kg

Art.-No.: 154000

Category: Grasses and legumes