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Common vetch

Vicia sativa


Common vetch is an annual, cold-intolerant legume. An undemanding plant in terms of site requirements, it prefers medium to heavy calcareous loams in cool, wet locations and is generally unaffected by drought. Its fast-growing root network helps to improve soil tilth and helps to quickly cover the ground and suppress weeds. Common vetch is an ideal green manure plant, though it can also be used as a protein-rich forage(fresh or as silage). It belongs to the group of nitrogen-fixing plants.


Bundle: 25 kg

Category: Grasses and legumes

  • Varieties
  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    120 kg/ha

    Distance between rows:

    as cereals

    Sowing period:

    until August


    base fertiliser (P/K/M)

    Sowing depth:

    4–6 cm

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