Mixtures for your success

Catch crop mixtures – more than just greening

Feldsaaten Freudenberger has been offering herbaceous mixtures for catch crop cultivation as part of the TERRA GOLD® range for 10 years.

Whereas in the early years only mixtures for the most common crop rotations were available, the range has now been expanded to include 18 different products.

With this large number of different mixtures, it is possible to obtain the right catch crop mixture even for specific crop rotations. Phytohygienic aspects are also decisive for the suitability of the mixtures of individual crop rotations:

The spread and multiplication of diseases and pests must be prevented and combated at all costs in order to avoid yield losses in the main crops that are grown subsequently.

But why are some components particularly good while others not at all suitable in crop rotation?

Here some examples:

Cruciferous plants are not used in rapeseed crop rotations (TERRA GOLD® 1, 11, 15, 17) to avoid providing host plants for diseases such as clubroot.
When cultivating sugar beets, care must be taken not to increase harmful nematodes, but instead to reduce them.

TERRA GOLD® mixtures marked “nematode reduction” are particularly well suited because they contain nematode-reducing fodder radish and white mustard (TERRA GOLD® 2, 7, 13 and 18).

If legumes are cultivated as the main crop, they are not included in the catch crop mixture, so that pathogens and the much-feared legume fatigue can be contained.

Another important aspect is the capacity of the individual mixtures to be used as cover crops.

All mixtures that can be used as cover crops (catch crop as EFA) are therefore marked “recommended for greening”.

TERRA GOLD® products combine many advantages of catch crop cultivation in one mixture. Overall, the advantages of mixtures are greater than the sum of the advantages of the individual components. Many aspects – such as the diverse appearance and the ecological value that a catch crop area has – cannot be achieved with a single species.

TERRA GOLD® – always a good choice!