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ReNatura® Natural meadow 1 kg

A meadow like in a picture book

ReNatura®’s natural meadow mixture contains different environmentally important varieties of grass and clover. Such a meadow provides habitat and food for many animals. The insects it attracts become a valuable source of food for other animals, such as hedgehogs and swallows. The vegetation is also eaten by small and large livestock. When you sow ReNatura® natural meadow mixture, you create a valuable piece of nature. The result is the kind of meadow that you would often find in<br/> the countryside. With the different grasses, the ReNatura® natural meadow mix is suitable for all kinds of locations: moist and dry locations, light and heavy soils, low and high intensity of use.

The ReNatura® natural meadow mix is made up of a variety of different grasses.

The species in the mixture include:

  • Red fescue (Festuca rubra)
  • Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne)
  • Cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata)
  • Timothy grass (Phleum pratense)
  • False oat-grass (Arrhenatherum elatius)
  • Smooth-stalked meadow grass (Poa pratensis)
  • White clover (Trifolium repens)

Includes coir pith granules to help ensure a uniform distribution of the seed when broadcasting by hand.


Bundle: 1 kg pouch

Art.-No.: 68250 (SU 10)

Brand: ReNatura®

Category: Cover crops and soil enhancement

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing period:


    Germination time:

    1-2 weeks

    Sowing depth:


    Growth height:

    up to ca. 40 cm

    Growing season:



    40 m²