The world is our field

The aim of multiplication is to meet the supply obligation and to supply the consumer with genetically and technically flawless seed. This is done through appropriate development of pre-basic, basic and certified seed by specialised multiplication companies, mainly in Europe but also in North and South America, Canada and New Zealand. The Lower Rhine trading company keeps in close contact with the highly qualified multiplicators. In collaboration with the multiplication technicians and agricultural engineers from Feldsaaten Freudenberger and with the help of the latest plant breeding technology, each area is looked after individually – for optimum yield and quality. The seed produced under the strictest quality criteria is then processed and certified in the production facilities.

Seed multiplication in over 40 countries

Seed production is an essential source of income for Feldsaaten Freudenberger. Lawn and forage grasses, clover, rapeseed, various fodder plants and catch crop seeds are currently being produced for the company on around 43,000 hectares worldwide. With more than 200 varieties currently registered with the Federal Plant Variety Office, Freudenberger is able to offer the right variety for every requirement and every application. By working with renowned plant breeders around the world and having access to a huge gene pool, it is possible to continue to maintain this wide range. The high approval rate at the Federal Plant Variety Office confirms that the company is doing this the right way.

Facts and figures:

  • over 35 breeders worldwide
  • more than 40 countries
  • over 50 species
  • approximately 43,000 hectares
  • more than 200 proprietary varieties