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...for the perfect green environment in your garden

The new Greenfield series includes all the products you need to successfully plant, maintain and repair your lawn.


The new seeding category includes 8 different lawn mixtures, so you are assured of finding the right product for every type of garden and location. Whether it is dry or shady locations, with intensive use or no use – Greenfield has the right mix for you.


There are 5 different products for improving the look of your existing lawn or repairing unsightly areas. This means you always have the right means at hand for small and large repairs. Greenfield products are simple to apply, making it easy to turn the battered ruins of your lawn into a neighbourhood showpiece.


And if you decide that you don't want to create an arena in your garden after all, but rather do something for the bees and butterflies, then the Greenfield Blumenwiese is the right product for you. You will be rewarded with the sight of colourful flowers and happy insects.