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ReNatura® Mealworms 1 l

Dried mealworms for garden birds

High-protein supplementary feed for wild birds

This is a natural source of protein that is readily accepted by wild birds in winter as well as the rest of the year. A real treat for softbills, such as robins and blackbirds. However, most birds of other feeding types also like to eat insects and will therefore consume mealworms just as eagerly. Rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, they are also suitable for feeding fish, rodents and reptiles, and offer a real alternative to live food that will supplement an animal’s diet with valuable nutrients. ReNatura® mealworms are ideal for supplementing and enhancing feed mixtures.

Features of ReNatura® dried mealworms:

  • One of the most popular feeds of all
  • Ideal for most wild birds
  • Stored in airtight buckets
  • Gently dehydrated
  • Very high in protein

ReNatura® dried mealworms are a high-quality supplementary feed for wild birds.

ReNatura® mealworms contain the following ingredients:

  • Crude protein 51%
  • Crude fat 28%
  • Crude fibre 2%
  • Crude ash 10%
  • Moisture <10%

Bundle: 1 l bucket

Art.-No.: 52171 (SU 12)

Brand: ReNatura®

Category: Bird feed

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Feeding period:

    winter months