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ReNatura® Hemp seed 25 kg

Rich in omega3 fatty acids

All-season feed for garden birds

Hemp seeds are one of the most popular and commonly used feeds for garden birds. It provides your garden birds with protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. The omega-3 fatty acids contained in hemp, in particular, are a valuable supplement to the diets of many bird species. Our hemp seeds can be placed in a bird feeder or scattered on the ground. ReNatura® hemp seed is also ideal for filling feeding columns and feed silos, because the small, round seeds move down very well and are therefore easily accessible for the birds feeding on them. Hemp seed is eaten by all types of garden birds and is therefore a feed that can be used in all situations.

Features of ReNatura® hemp seed:

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids

Ideal for feeding columns and feed silos

Popular with many garden birds

Untreated natural product

Supplementary feed for all 4 seasons

ReNatura® hemp seed is a high-quality supplementary feed for wild birds.

It contains the following ingredients:

  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Trace elements

Bundle: 25 kg paper bag

Art.-No.: 53205 (SU 1)

Brand: ReNatura®

Category: Bird feed

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Feeding period:

    all year round