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ReNatura® Green manure mix 0.5 kg

Species-rich green manure mixture

The ReNatura® green manure mixture consists of a large number of green manure plants. These species include lupins, vetches, buckwheat, lacy phacelia and various types of clover. The composition is listed in detail in the green declaration field on the pack. The mixture is excellent for biological recovery of the soil. As a classic catch crop mixture, sowing in late summer and early autumn is recommended. It is advisable to cut it down in early spring and work it into the ground.

Advantages of the green manure mixture:

  • Weed suppression
  • Soil loosening
  • Green manure
  • Diverse production of nectar
  • Promotion of soil biota

Bundle: 0.5 kg pouch

Art.-No.: 68270 (SU 10)

Brand: ReNatura®

Category: Cover crops and soil enhancement

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing period:


    Sowing rate:

    15-20 g/m²

    Sowing depth:

    1 cm

    Growing season:

    anuual to perennial

    Growth height:

    120 cm


    30 m²