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Loretta Lawn repair 10 kg


The Lawn repair (Rasen-Reparatur) seed mixture from Loretta is an efficient product that can quickly and reliably repair damaged and patchy areas in your garden. This high-quality mixture helps cover gaps and damages within a short period of time without the need for turning the soil over, leaving your lawn shining in lush green splendour.

The specially selected, top-performing varieties and the use of Coated Seed ensure quick and reliable germination. Loretta Lawn repair seed mix is suitable for all areas and very easy to handle. Your reliable premium lawn seed mix that covers gaps quickly and replenishes your lawn.

  • For all lawns
  • Complete as Coated Seed Vital

Bundle: 10 kg bag

Art.-No.: 57760 (SU 1)

Brand: Loretta

Category: Lawn reseeding

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    12-20 g/m²

    Sowing period:

    March-October (at a ground temperature of at least 10 °C)

    Sowing depth:

    rake in lightly, not deeper than 5 mm


    10 kg: 625 m²

  • Ingredients
    • Perennial ryegrass Coated Seed Vital (40 %)
    • Perennial ryegrass Coated Seed Vital (30 %)
    • Perennial ryegrass stoloniferous (30 %)
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