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Greenfield Sport and playground lawn 1 kg

Make your garden into an arena for sports and games

If your garden is the place where life tends to play out, between running, tumbling and football matches. then you’ll need a lawn that can handle what’s thrown at it. One lawn mix that’s just right for the job: Greenfield Sports and playing field lawn. It’s a low-maintenance option that can fill any gaps that come up on its own, saving you work and letting you simply enjoy summer in your garden.

  • Hard-wearing
  • Self-regenerating
  • Less clippings
  • Easy to maintain
  • Fine leaf structure
  • Regrows easily
  • Suitable for use with automatic planters
  • RSM 2.3 (composition recommended by the Landscape Development and Landscaping Research Society)

Bundle: 1 kg folding carton

Art.-No.: 62510 (SU 6)

Brand: Greenfield

Category: Lawns new seeding

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    20 g/m²

    Sowing period:

    March-October (at a ground temperature of at least 10 °C)

    Sowing depth:

    rake in lightly, not deeper than 5 mm


    1 kg: 50 m²

  • Ingredients
    • Perennial ryegrass (20 %)
    • Smooth-stalked meadow grass (20 %)
    • Creeping red fescue (15 %)
    • Chewing’s fescue (10 %)
    • Perennial ryegrass (10 %)
    • Perennial ryegrass (10 %)
    • Smooth-stalked meadow grass (10 %)
    • Red fescue with short runners (5 %)