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Greenfield 711 Landscape lawn - Standard, no herbs

RSM 7.1.1

A grass mixture for extensively planted surfaces in all locations aside from those with extremely dry, alkaline, wet or shaded soils. The main application area for this mixture is for greening measures, since the planted area will be under very little stress and the maintenance requirements can be kept as low as possible. Examples of such areas can include remediation sites on private and public greening areas, as well as slopes and landfills.


Bundle: 10 kg bag

Art.-No.: 69711

Brand: Greenfield

Category: Professional mixtures, Lawns new seeding

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    20 g/m²



    Areas of application:

    recultivation and ancillary areas, public green space

    Care requirements:

    low (0-3 cuts per year)


    10 kg: 500 m²

  • Ingredients
    • Chewing’s fescue (30 %)
    • Hard fescue (25 %)
    • Creeping red fescue (15 %)
    • Red fescue with short runners (15 %)
    • Bentgrass red (5 %)
    • Perennial ryegrass (5 %)
    • Smooth-stalked meadow grass (5 %)