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Greenfield 451 Semirough No. 2

drought tolerant mixture

A highly drought-tolerant and robust mixture with two top varieties from the tall fescue range (Festuca arundinacea). The tall fescue has particularly deep roots and can thus reach water that is available deeper in the soil, which other types of grass cannot reach. This mixture remains a dark green even during longer periods of drought. This makes for a visually very attractive transition to the fairways visually in colour and foliage.


Bundle: 10 kg bag

Art.-No.: 69451

Brand: Greenfield

Category: Golf mixtures, Lawns new seeding

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    35 g/m²

    Cut height:

    30-50 mm

    Areas of application:



    10 kg: 280 m²

  • Ingredients
    • Tall fescue (45 %)
    • Tall fescue (40 %)
    • Smooth-stalked meadow grass (15 %)