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Greenfield 320 Sports field - Regeneration Coated Seed

RSM 3.2

A reseeding and regeneration mixture for all sports fields and playground turf applications that uses the original Coated Seed. With its very rapid germination and high competitive vigour over undesirable grasses and outside species, this grass mixture ensures the success of any regeneration project and is a simple, quick and reliable option for rejuvenating any lawn surface. Using Coated Seed offers many advantages over conventional uncoated seeds. You can find more detailed information on Coated Seed here. Its exceptional seed flow means that GF-320 is also an excellent option for machine reseeding.


Bundle: 10 kg bag

Art.-No.: 69320

Brand: Greenfield

Category: Coated Seed, Professional mixtures, Lawn reseeding

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    30 g/m²



    Areas of application:

    reseeding of sports fields etc.

    Care requirements:

    medium to high


    10 kg: 330 m²

  • Ingredients
    • Perennial ryegrass Coated Seed (40 %)
    • Perennial ryegrass Coated Seed (40 %)
    • Perennial ryegrass Coated Seed (20 %)