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Greenfield 222 Recreational lawn - Dry sites, hard-wearing

RSM 2.2 variant 2

This mixture can be planted anywhere, and is ideally suited to dry and stressed lawns. The high share of tall fescue in the mixture makes it especially drought resistant and allows it to withstand even heavy usage. In addition to tolerating dry sites, areas with moderate shade are also not a problem for this mixture. Maintenance requirements depend to a significant degree on the level of stress, with high-stress situations requiring greater maintenance. When the lawn is subject to less stress, it requires less maintenance. In order to ensure optimal growth, the lawn should not be cut too short.


Bundle: 10 kg bag

Art.-No.: 69222

Brand: Greenfield

Category: Professional mixtures, Lawns new seeding

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    35 g/m²


    medium to high

    Areas of application:

    home gardens, residential settlements and usable, public greens

    Care requirements:

    low to high depending on use


    10 kg: 285 m²

  • Ingredients
    • Tall fescue (70 %)
    • Smooth-stalked meadow grass (20 %)
    • Perennial ryegrass (10 %)