Feldsaaten Freudenberger

Bigger & better


The new lab


Beginning in 2022, Freudenberger will have a new 250 m² laboratory, with a wet lab space, an indoor greenhouse, a sterile lab and a plant lab alongside the standard storage and working spaces. The laboratory’s work will consist of root and nodulation analyses, microbiological research, as well as above- and belowground plant analyses. This work will support ongoing internal quality control as well as the development of new components and materials.


The laboratory facilities will make it possible to study germination processes, growth details and flowering trials and to ascertain stress tolerances. They will also make it possible to intensify close collaborations with universities and technical schools, as well as industry projects. The new space is also available for internal and external training and education programmes.


You can find more information on research and development at Freudenberger here.