Coated Seed

Treated seeds – unique, high-performance, reliable

Smart coating with great impact


The classic Coated Seed is seed that is coated with vital, germination-promoting substances. This coating consists of various components such as calcium carbonate to regulate the pH value and various rock flours. Furthermore, macro- and micronutrients form important components of Coated Seed. Coated Seeds can be easily distinguished from naked seeds, although the shape of the seeds is not changed.


The advantages of the coating apply to both single seeds and seed mixtures, regardless of whether they are sown manually or mechanically. On surfaces in extreme locations where cultivation is difficult or impossible (e.g. slopes or hillsides), preparatory tillage measures can be omitted.

Advantages of Coated Seed compared to naked seed


  • Significantly more efficient water use in dry and wet conditions
  • Active germination acceleration (higher germination speed) and sustainable higher overall germination rate (improved germination capacity) through the use of biostimulants
  • Even distribution pattern and homogeneous field emergence
  • Higher emergence rates due to improved soil contact
  • Optimal early development of the seedling
  • Enhanced protection against abiotic (non-living) environmental factors
  • Improved clay-humus complex formation
  • After breaking down, the material can be completely absorbed by the plant roots
  • Adjusted pH value
  • Controlled release effect
  • Sustainable improvement of the soil structure
  • Reduced susceptibility to diseases and increased resilience through vitalization of the young plants
  • Harmless to humans and animals

The Coated Seed Bio, Classic and Rhizo are approved for use in organic farming.

The right coating for every purpose

Coated Seed Classic

Basis for all Coated Seed variants

Coated Seed Vital

With the microorganisms Bacillus spp. and Azospirillum spp. for natural vitalization

Coated Seed Rhizo

Additionally inoculated with rhizobia for fast nitrogen fixing, for legumes

Bio Coated Seed

With organic certification

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