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TERRA GOLD® 9 Melioration

To loosen the soil

This mixture has been specifically designed for compacted soils affected by plough sole and other issues. The oriental radish in the mixture uses its massive taproot to break up compacted soils, helping to ensure excellent soil tilth. The mixture is rounded out with two deep-rooting species, lupin and fodder radish. The root channels these plants form allow air exchange to occur in deeper soil horizons and water to infiltrate. The water-filled root channels expand when they freeze in winter, loosening the soil further.

You can find more information about TERRA GOLD® here.


Bundle: 25 kg

Art.-No.: 40169


Category: Coated Seed and seed technology, Catch crop mixtures

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    20-25 kg/ha

    Sowing period:

    mid of August

  • Ingredients
    • Buckwheat (40 %)
    • Blue (narrow-leaved) lupin (bitter) (20 %)
    • Fodder radish (20 %)
    • Oriental radish (10 %)
    • Lacy phacelia Coated Seed (5 %)
    • Niger (5 %)