TERRA GOLD® 3 Solara

For crop rotation systems that include potatoes

A mixture designed for rotations with potatoes. The high shares of blue lupin and fodder radish help ensure good root penetration and crumbly soil texture, facilitating the establishment of potatoes as a subsequent crop. The fodder radish variety used in the mixture stands out for its low height, late flowering and reduced tendency to carry the tobacco rattle virus. The fodder radish also reduces free-living nematodes, which can cause spraing in potato crops. When sown early, the legumes in the mixture can efficiently contribute to nitrogen fixation.

Also available as an organic mixture!

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Bundle: 25 kg

Art.-No.: 40163


Category: Coated Seed and seed technology, Catch crop mixtures

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    30-40 kg/ha

    Sowing period:

    mid of August

  • Ingredients
    • Blue (narrow-leaved) lupin (bitter) (40 %)
    • Bristle oat (20 %)
    • Fodder radish (20 %)
    • Field peas (10 %)
    • Lacy phacelia Coated Seed (5 %)
    • Egyptian clover (2.5 %)
    • Persian clover (2.5 %)