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TERRA GOLD® 18 Vegetable express

Without leguminous plants

A mixture for vegetable growers with rapid crop rotations that feature potatoes, beets, and various types of vegetables; an ideal choice for all operations that prioritise soil health. This mixture is specifically designed to reduce nematode populations, which is why the components are limited to fodder radish and bristle oat. The alternative for intensive vegetable cultivation.

Nematode-reducing effect

You can find more information about TERRA GOLD® here.


Bundle: 25 kg

Art.-No.: 40178


Category: Catch crop mixtures

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    30-40 kg/ha

    Sowing period:

    end of August

  • Ingredients
    • Bristle oat (65 %)
    • Fodder radish double resistant (35 %)