ProGreen® WB 220 WOLFF Mixture (original formulation)

Vineyard greening for 3 to 4 years

This versatile, species-rich mixture can provide ground cover for a two- to three-year period. Its composition ensures a lengthy flowering period, which helps to feed insect populations. The species also have different root depths, ensuring ideal root penetration throughout the soil.

Depending on germination conditions (seedbed, warmth and water availability), the cover crop can support foot traffic after four to six weeks. In terms of maintenance, high mulching can be used, though rolling is preferred. Rolling has the advantage of snapping over the high-growing plants and pressing them into the soil. Loosely pressing down the plant mass in this manner helps all of the species in the mixture to survive.

During drought periods, the additional soil cover and curtailed growth ensure that the degree of water competition with grapevines is significantly reduced. Indeed, the protection against erosion and improved infiltration of heavy precipitation can even represent an advantage over classic nutrient-poor grass plantings that require regular cutting. During periods of drought, heavier rolling of the cover crop area is recommended. Güttler rollers have proven themselves to be effective in this regard. After two to three years, it makes sense to replant in order to further improve species diversity through new seeding. Switching up the rows is good practice, for example switching from perennial greening rows to open rows or winter cover crops. This cover crop mixture has achieved 20 years of proven results, improving soil fertility and insect diversity in vineyards and beyond.

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Bundle: 10 kg

Art.-No.: 40291

Brand: ProGreen®

Category: Cover crops for vineyards, orchards and tree cultivation

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    40 kg/ha

  • Ingredients
    • Hairy vetch (20 %)
    • Sainfoin (15 %)
    • Bee pasture mixture (10 %)
    • Spice fodder mixture (10 %)
    • Alfalfa (7.5 %)
    • Crimson clover (7.5 %)
    • Egyptian clover (7.5 %)
    • Yellow sweet clover (7.5 %)
    • Black medick (5 %)
    • Persian clover (5 %)
    • Alsike clover (2.5 %)
    • Lacy phacelia (2.5 %)
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