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ProGreen® 14 Herb supplement for meadows and pastures dry


Herb supplement for meadows, pastures and arable fodder cultivation areas for the production of nutritionally valuable basic fodder. Add the herb supplement to the grassland/field forage mixture and sow in one step.

The herb supplement ProGreen® 14 dry is suitable for classic, dry, sloping, south-facing and more extensive areas. The two drought-tolerant legumes in the mixture, bird’s-foot trefoil and alfalfa, are the key components that make the mixture ideal for many dry, more extensive grassland sites in Southern Germany. During planting, it is important to ensure that the field is adequately supplied with lime for the alfalfa.

You can find more information about ProGreen® here.


Bundle: 5 kg

Art.-No.: 40355

Brand: ProGreen®

Category: Grassland and arable feed crop production

  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    New sowing: 5 kg/ha in combination with about 25 kg/ha
    of a site-appropriate grassland mixture for new sowing

    Overseeding: either 3 kg/ha on its own or 2 kg/ha in
    combination with 10 kg/ha of a site-appropriate overseed-
    ing mixture based on the G V standard; MehrGras 500 or
    540 might be more appropriate for drier sites in Southeast-
    ern Germany

    Sowing period:

    New sowing: from late March to late April

    Overseeding: possible in spring (mid-March to late April)
    or late summer (early August to early September) when
    competition from the old sward decreases

  • Ingredients
    • Alfalfa (35 %)
    • Bird’s-foot trefoil (35 %)
    • Forage chicory (10 %)
    • Ribwort plantain (10 %)
    • Salad burnet (10 %)
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