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White mustard

Sinapis alba


White mustard belongs to the cruciferous family and is divided into nematode-resistant and conventional types. All white mustard varieties are very suitable for mulch seeding as they are usually well disposed to winterkilling. Due to this property, mulch seeding is being increasingly used. Among white mustard varieties, there are major differences in their tendencies to flower, which should be as low as possible. The period extends from mid-September to the end of October with bolting occurring in mid-August. As a green manure, white mustard also removes large amounts of nitrogen from the soil. The nematode-resistant white mustard is a natural way of combating the dangerous beet nematode. Due to very fast initial development, white mustard can cover the ground very quickly and suppress weeds. The plant is called white mustard in English because of its white seeds, but is also known as yellow mustard in German because of its bright yellow flowers.


Bundle: 25 kg

Category: Catch crops