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Egyptian clover - Trifolium alexandrinum


The annual Egyptian clover WINNER provides valuable, rapidly growing protein-rich staple feed as main crop or catch crop cultivation. The variety is valued for its even, vigorous growth. It establishes very high, dense stands, effectively suppressing weed growth. Yields of 30 to 40 dt/ha dry matter can be achieved in catch crop cultivation. As a variety that can withstand multiple cutting and has an excellent capacity for regrowth, WINNER is ideally suited for cultivation in mixtures with short-term ryegrasses such as BIGBANG and MELJUMP. WINNER has even root penetration and a deep main root that penetrates the soil very efficiently. WINNER reliably dies back in winter. These characteristics mean that the variety is not only suitable as a fodder plant but is also an excellent green manure plant. Mulch tillage of maize and sugar beet can thus be ensured.


Bundle: 25 kg

Art.-No.: 200012

Category: Grasses and legumes