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Ethiopian mustard - Brassica carinata


URANUS has been specially bred for use as a leafy crop. Its high glucosinolate content makes URANUS an ideal partner in biofumigation mixtures. In addition, the variety performs very well when used in wildlife feed mixtures. The huge leaves provide protection and ground cover, while also serving as valuable forage. In catch crop cultivation, URANUS can be used in mixtures as a fast-growing cruciferous plant or on its own. Planting the variety places restrictions on rotations that include rapeseed, sugar beets, potato and vegetables, since Ethiopian mustard is a cruciferous plant and therefore fosters and propagates clubroot and other parasitic nematodes. URANUS is ideally suited for crop rotations involving pure cereals and maize.


Bundle: 25 kg

Art.-No.: 605808

Category: Catch crops