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Fodder radish - Raphanus sativus


For healthy potatoes

Successfully suppressing iron spotting in potatoes

The fodder radish variety TORO is ideal for green manuring. Its deep root system allows it to loosen compacted soil layers and provide the soil with important organic matter. TORO reduces the pathogens that cause spraing (free-living nematodes), making it an ideal catch crop in potato cultivation. This late-blooming fodder radish plays a key role in crop rotations with potatoes. TORO is a particularly good candidate for catch crop cultivation. Organic fertiliser should be applied to the fields on which catch crops are sown. TORO is a low-growing variety which, due to its low inclination to flower, usually does not produce any seeds during early sowing.


Bundle: 25 kg

Art.-No.: 400401

Category: Catch crops