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Beet - Beta vulgaris


Uniform growth for the best uprooting results

MINOTAURE is a diploid, genetically monogerm beet. This high-quality, yellow-orange variety is listed in France and offers the highest yields of up to 1,400 dt/ha. MINOTAURE is a sister variety of the well-known beet COLOSSE. MINOTAURE’s very smooth, wedge-shaped beet body in combination with a highly uniform growth habit make them easy to lift -- manually or by machine -- with relatively little residual dirt. MINOTAURE offers an impressive combination of stable yield levels and very low number of bolters. Use of fungicide in compliance with legal provisions is recommended to keep the leafage healthy, especially in the case of mid-late to late harvest dates.

MINOTAURE - pelleted - treated - SEMI-SWEET SUGAR BEET

Sowing rate: 120,000-130,000 grains/ha


Bundle: 1 unit

Art.-No.: 550246

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