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Beet - Beta vulgaris


Master of mass yield

This orange-coloured beet variety offers the highest yields of up to 1,500 dt/ha and forms exceptionally few bolters. The very smooth, bulky beet body makes them easy to lift -- manually or by machine -- with relatively little residual dirt. The enormous leaf mass remains fresh and healthy until uprooting. BRIGADIER offers a very tasty feed that is characterised by its good shelf life and good dry matter content.

BRIGADIER - orange olive - BULK BEET

Sowing rate: 15-20 kg - Item no. 550203 (10 kg)

BRIGADIER - orange olive - pelleted - treated - BULK BEET

Sowing rate: 4–5 x 1/2 unit/ha - Item no. 550240 (1/2 unit)

BRIGADIER - orange olive - pelleted - untreated - BULK BEET (with special permission for organic cultivation possible)

Sowing rate: 4–5 x 1/2 unit/ha - Item no. 550223 (1/2 unit)


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