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Medicago sativa


The queen of fodder crops shines with top-notch green and dry matter yields and excellent forage quality. Its extremely high protein content of around 20% makes alfalfa an excellent candidate for high-protein forage cultivation. As a legume with deep roots, alfalfa is an outstanding previous crop as it provides the following crop with free nitrogen. Alfalfa is also a pioneer plant, meaning that it can be used to great effect for remediating mine dumps. Calcareous, deep soils are preferred. Harvesting should ideally take place between the budding and flowering phases. In order to improve persistence, the stand should be allowed to flower fully once per growing season, in order to store sufficient quantities of reserve nutrients in the roots. Our range offers persistent, winter-hardy varieties that can be used for 3 years.


Bundle: 25 kg

Category: Grasses and legumes