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Fodder kale

Brassica oleracea


Marrow-stem kale (fodder kale) is a member of the Brassica family that is sown between mid- and late July. As an alternative, sowing can take place as early as March or April, in which case it may be considered to be a main crop. Fodder kale provides high dry matter yields for use as fodder. In addition, it stands out due to its excellent winter-hardiness, high crude protein yields and good overall yields.


Bundle: 1/25 kg

Category: Catch crops

  • Varieties
  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    4–5 kg/ha

    Distance between rows:

    25–40 cm

    Sowing period:

    until the middle or end of July; as main crop from March/April


    max. 60 kg N/ha as catch crop

    Sowing depth:

    2–3 cm

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