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Crimson clover

Trifolium incarnatum


Crimson clover is a member of the legume family that performs exceptionally well as a preceding crop, providing an ideal source of green manure with its roots which reach depths of up to 90 cm. It is principally planted as a winter cover crop for use as fodder. Crimson clover is a nitrogen-fixing plant, meaning that it supplies nitrogen freely for the following crop with the help of rhizobial bacteria. It has few soil requirements, meaning that it can be cultivated on light soils and loams (provided that there is sufficient lime content). Crimson clover is sensitive to black frost and to being trodden upon.


Bundle: 25 kg

Category: Grasses and legumes

  • Varieties
  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    30 kg/ha when grown alone, 20 kg/ha in Landsberger mixture with 20 kg/ha Italian ryegrass and 20 kg/ha hairy vetch

    Distance between rows:

    as cereals

    Sowing period:

    early to end of August


    base fertilizer according to the results of the soil examination

    Sowing depth:

    1–2 cm

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