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Camelina sativa


Camelina belongs to the family of the cruciferous plants and is an annual catch crop plant. Thanks to its quick development after being sown, it is a particular favourite for short-term cover cropping. Camelina is reliably winterkilled and has a strong root penetration, meaning that when used as a catch crop, it leaves behind an ideal soil structure for the next planting. Due to its limited soil requirements, it can be used on almost any site. These days, its high drought tolerance is an important aspect in establishing a good catch crop.


Bundle: 25 kg

Category: Catch crops

  • Varieties
  • Sowing and fertilising instructions
    Sowing rate:

    6–7 kg/ha

    Distance between rows:

    as cereals

    Sowing period:

    July to September


    max. 60 kg N/ha as catch crop

    Sowing depth:

    ca. 1 cm

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