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NEW: Organic ProGreen® Quick Chicken Green

Fast-germinating Coated Seed mixture for mobile chicken coops

The mobile coop concept


Free-range chickens rarely move very far away from the coop that shelters them. This means that the ground around the coop can come under intense pressure from chickens’ scratching and pecking, which can completely destroy the surface. A mobile coop can solve this problem by simply up and moving to a fresh piece of land. The pecked-out soil can then be reseeded and left to recover.


Did you know that the idea of mobile coops is over 80 years old? Today, chicken coops are available in partially mobile models that resemble a giant sledge, as well as fully mobile versions on wheels.


The new Organic ProGreen® Quick Chicken Green makes the subsequent reseeding quick, simple and effective. The mixture has been specially designed for rapid greening of the area around chicken coops. You can find more information about the product here.