Herbaceous mixtures for greening and green manure

Feldsaaten Freudenberger started to offer a range of catch crop mixtures a few years ago. The greening regulations introduced in 2015 in the EU mean that these mixtures are more important than ever. Land used to grow catch crop mixtures can be classified as ecological focus areas if certain requirements as to the composition of the mixtures are met. To find out the exact conditions governing the nature and extent of support, please consult the binding support regulations of your country and region. These floriferous mixtures not only comply with greening regulations but are also beneficial to insects and make farmland more attractive in the longer term. Other benefits include organic control of soil pests. Catch crop cultivation allows successful control of beet nematodes and gallforming nematodes. Biofumigation can also control other pests such as soil-dwelling fungi. In addition to these effects, the soil receives large quantities of organic mass, which has a beneficial impact on the humus balance. A higher humus content can reduce erosion and increase the soil's ability to store water.

The TERRA GOLD® mixtures listed below, TG-1 to TG-19, have been designed for specific crop rotation systems and fulfil various functions:

  • crop rotation-neutral soil loosening thanks to deep-rooted plants

  • improvement of soil pore volume

  • increase in earthworm activity

  • humus accumulation

  • improvement of the soil's loadbearing capacity

  • nitrogen fixing in water conservation areas

  • organic nematode control

  • groundwater protection

  • disease and pest control

  • suitable for greening

Herbaceous organic mixtures for catch crops