All RhizoFix® products are now certified organic

In organic farming, fertilisation and humus management promote soil fertility.
The aim is to close material cycles as much as possible. At the same time, the use of mineral fertilisers, such as nitrate and ammonium fertilisers, is prohibited by law. Given the above, nitrogen fixing using legumes is the only way to bind elementary nitrogen from the air and make it available to the plants. A prerequisite for successful symbiosis (nodulation) between a plant and bacteria is the presence of specific active bacterial strains. The Rhizofix® liquid inoculant ensures nodule formation and the resulting nitrogen fixation in all common legumes.
For this reason, inoculating the seeds when sowing new crops such as soybeans plays a major role, especially for organic farms. Inoculation is also extremely important for plants already cultivated where nodulation is absent.

RhizoFix® Flyer
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Advantages of seed inoculation with RhizoFix®

  • Higher yields compared to non inoculated crops
  • Fastest possible symbiosis between the plants and the rhizobia
  • Direct contact with the seed -> Rapid root settlement
  • A specific rhizobia strain for each variety
  • Crops can also be grown on surfaces where no natural rhizobia are present
  • More robust growth
  • The inoculant is easy to handle
  • Immediately ready to use

Root of a soybean inoculated with RhizoFix®.
The strong red colouration indicates intensive nitrogen fixation

RhizoFix ®
is a milk-based liquid inoculant for legume seeds. For the last few years, Feldsaaten Freudenberger has been conducting intensive research to develop its own rhizobia strains. The best strains have been
selected in many lab and praxis tests.
The objective of the selection process to find strains that quickly form a symbiosis with the host plant, while also leading to an optimum yield.
RhizoFix® products make it possible to also grow legumes in areas that have no natural rhizobias. Freudenberger provides appropriate rhizobia strains for all common crops.
The product is ready to use immediately, without pre-mixing of the individual components. Only careful seed mixing is required to ensure that all seeds come into contact with the inoculant.
We recommend performing inoculation directly in the seed drill or in a suitable concrete mixer or similar.
A pump sprayer or a field sprayer can be used to distribute the inoculant.

Name: Contents: Suitable for: Application rate per 100 kg seed: Contend sufficent for: Sowingrate in kg/ha: Sufficent for: Item no.:
RhizoFix® RF-10 1000 ml Sojabean (Glycine max) 750 ml 133 kg 130 1 ha 5210
RhizoFix® RF-20 1000 ml Field beans (Vicia faba) 750 ml 133 kg 150 0,9 ha 5220
RhizoFix® RF-30 750 ml Peas (genus Pisum) 500 ml 150 kg 150 1 ha 5230
RhizoFix® RF-40 1000 ml Lupins (genus Lupinus) 500 ml 200 kg 150 1,25 ha 5240
Clover (genus Trifolium) 1.000 ml 100 kg 25 4 ha
Vetch (genus Vicia) 500 ml 200 kg 100 2 ha
RhizoFix® RF-50 1000 ml Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) 1.000 ml 100 kg 25 4 ha 5250