PASTOR - Red clover for grazing

PASTOR is a diploid red clover and the first variety to have been specially bred for grazing. This variety is a result of a cross between a wild clover from per-manent pastures in the Jura region and a Mattenklee-type clover – it therefore combines characteristics of both varieties. PASTOR originally comes from Switzerland, where it is recommended as a grazing red clover.

PASTOR is characterised by rather flat growth as well as higher resilience than conventional red clover; it can there-fore tolerate grazing better than other varieties. Apart from that, it produces high yields and stands out because of its high persistence and excellent stand establishment. PASTOR is also an extremely winter-hardy variety and distinguishes itself through its excellent resistance properties e.g. against anthracnose and mildew.

Special qualities
Externally, this variety can be differentiated from the conventional red clover by its smaller leaves and intensive shoot formation.These characteristics give PASTOR the potential to replace white clover as a component in appropriate mixtures.