Radish coated seed

4 weeks advance in nematode control

Growing catch crops offers many benefits for follow-on arable crops. The main advantages are improved humus balance, soil loosening, protection against erosion, plant health, and organic nematode control when growing beet, potatoes or vegetables.

Breeding has produced late-flowering radish varieties for farmers to use in organic nematode control. Crop rotation and the cultivation of later-ripening wheat varieties means that the growth phase of many nematode-resistant catch crops is too short to achieve effective nematode control. Feldsaaten Freudenberger offers a completely new way of sowing this important catch crop in crop rotation systems that include beet, potatoes and vegetables:

Radish coated seed

The seed is covered in a coat consisting of a carrier substance, a plant strengthener and humic acid. This increases the weight of the seed, allowing it to be sown accurately within a radius of up to 26 metres.
Seeds are undersown into wheat about 3 weeks before the harvest using a fertiliser spreader (ideally a pneumatic model). The existing rows are used for this. Tests have clearly shown that these heavier seeds are much more evenly sown than uncoated seeds. It was also found that coated seed coped much better with drought stress than uncoated seeds, as additional water can be stored in the coat. Radicles also form more quickly from coated seed.

Sowing coated seed with a fertiliser spreader about three weeks before the wheat harvest
Coated seed 22 days after sowing
Comparison between conventional uncoated seed (35 days after sowing) and coated seed (60 days) after sowing
Comparison between coated seed (35
day after sowing) and conventional uncoated
seed (10 days)

Advantages of sowing coated seed compared to conventional seed:

  • Better soil contact leads to higher emergence rates

  • Seedlings get the nutrients they need so that young plants develop strongly

  • The coat preserves and protects the seed until the ideal moisture conditions have been reached

  • Growth is much better than with postharvest sowing

  • Sowing radius of up to 26 metres

  • Contains plant strengtheners to improve the health and strength of young plants

  • Contains humic acid for reliable germination and increased nutrient uptake

  • Even distribution pattern