Tailormade grass seed mixtures

Top quality grassland is an essential management tool for improving production and profit. It can only be achieved by growing high-quality grass and clover varieties that are suitable to the specific conditions of the farm.
Grassland must be robust and densely covered, in order to produce high yields. The MoreGrass mixtures have been composed to offer a large choice of top-quality grassland products tailored for any condition to provide individual solutions.
Whether the usage is silage or grazing, intensive or extensive use, favorable or unfavorable sites, wetland or dry land, peat, clay or sandy soils, cold or hot regions, MoreGrass offers the species and varieties needed.

The varieties in the high-quality mixtures, bearing the MoreGrass logo, have undergone exhaustive testing.
Before a variety gets approved and recommended for the MoreGrass mixtures, multiple year trials are carried out to test the varieties for their suitability for the use in the various areas. The trials are officially examined and evaluated.

The most important properties a recommended variety must have are:

  • High disease resistance, robustness
  • feed quality
  • a balanced high yield and winter hardiness