Loretta lawn seeds...

...the lawn brand to meet the highest demands and provide a perfect-looking lawn!

Breeding, seed production, quality control, mixture preparation and distribution of the well-known and successful Loretta brand grass seeds are carried out exclusively in Germany.
Of course, the Loretta lawn mixtures only contain the best lawn breeds including the famous LORETTA and LORETTANOVA varieties. They are among the highest quality varieties of perennial ryegrass.

Because of the perfectly balanced mixture of the best varieties, our Loretta products are very versatile. Whether in the professional field or home gardens, as decorative or tough lawns, the result is always a perfect lawn with low care requirements.
In addition to the exclusive varieties such as LORETTA and LORETTANOVA, Loretta Repair and Supranova also include the high-quality SUPRANOVA supina blue grass variety.
This guarantees an extremely attractive lawn: Fine-bladed, velvety and dense, a unique shade of green and extremely tough, both in the sun and in the shade.

In combination with other top varieties of smooth-stalk meadowgrass and red fescue, it guarantees:

  • maximum toughness
  • a fine-leaved, lush and dense carpet of grass
  • easy maintenance
  • winter hardiness
  • disease resistance
  • tolerance for low cutting
  • slow lawn growth = less additional effort


Vital lawn for shaded and sunny locations

Area of application: for shady, semi-shady, sunny and dry locations

Toughness: high to very high

Properties: very tough, dense, fine-bladed, fewer cuttings, universal lawn for home gardens

Care requirement: medium


Grass mixture for all gardens and play areas

Area of application: Decorative and tough lawn, ideal family lawn

Toughness: high to very high

Properties: tough, dense, perennial, fewer cuttings

Care requirements: medium


For sports facilities and ready-made turf

Area of application: Professional mix for turf sports facilities, best quality for ready-made turf, for all locations

Toughness: very high

Properties: fast regeneration, high turf formation

Care requirements: medium to high


Reseed without digging over

Area of application: for all patchy and damaged areas, even in shady or semi-shady areas
Toughness: very high
Properties: covers gaps quickly, safe germination, simple to handle, fewer cuttings
Care requirements: little work required

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