Our lawn programme for your perfect lawn!

GO-100 Berlin Tiergarten (Park Lawn)

A general-purpose lawn with good turf formation, a rich green with medium-fine lawn growth; can also be subjected to heavy-duty use.

The mixture is also suitable for sowing sunbathing lawns and areas that need to be both decorative and tough.

GO-110 Spielrasen (Playing Field Lawn)

This mixture is suitable for areas subject to heavy duty use. It forms a medium-fine, robust turf with good regenerative ability.

In this way, the lawn recovers even after heavy duty use and ugly damaged spots disappear quickly.

GO-120 Sportrasen (Sports Turf)

The ideal mix with very good lawn-growing grasses for home gardens subject to heavy duty use as well as sports and play areas. It forms a dense, extremely tough turf that regenerates even after heavy use.

This mixture is particularly suitable for families with children and pets, who use the garden intensively.

GO-130 Schattenrasen (Shadow Grass)

A fine, tough mixture with approved lawn grasses. Well suited to semi-shaded lawns.

This grass mixture can also withstand the direct rays of the sun and is well suited to problem areas in your garden.

All products from the Green Oasis programme are available in package sizes from 500 g to 10 kg.

More detailed information on the individual products can be found in our current lawn catalogue!