We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of grass mixtures - whether for new seeding or reseeding, agricultural sowing or flower meadows. Greenfield has the right product for every purpose!

Depending on the product and purpose of application, Greenfield products are available in folding cartons, stand-up pouches, tubular bags or plastic bags. The package sizes range from 200 g to 10 kg.

A small excerpt from our Greenfield range:

Greenfield Nachsaat (Repair Mixture)

The proven Greenfield Nachsaat (Repair Mixture) is fast and guaranteed to germinate, making reseeding child's play: Sow, water, finished! It could not be easier to regenerate a lawn. Coated seed guarantees optimal ground coverage and supplies the seedlings with all the necessary ingredients for healthy development. In a very short period of time, small gaps in your lawn are closed and the entire surface shines a fresh green.

Greenfield Verti-Kur (Scarifying Repair Mixture)

Verti-Kur is an innovative product for the quick restoration of lawns after scarifying. Because of unsightly clumping, moss formation and weed infestation, it is essential to scarify lawn areas at least once a year. During scarifying, the turf is scored by rotating blades and moss and mulch are removed. In addition, the lawn is aerated and thinned out. After scarifying, lawns often look very damaged and take weeks to recover. Verti-Kur provides a fast remedy within about one week.

Greenfield Wildblumen (Wildflowers)

A wildflower mixture without grasses or legumes. This package contains a mixture of annuals, biannuals and perennials, including collected field and meadow flowers. Our natural coconut granules act as a sowing aid by simplifying spreading and serving as a natural growing medium. For pure sowing in flower beds and for sowing new flower meadows. This mixture can be used in any location. It develops over the course of the years to create a perennial meadow with blossoming flora. A paradise for insects and a joy for the beholder to see.

Greenfield Sport + Spiel (Family + Fun)

Greenfield Sport + Spiel (Family + Fun) is the perfect family lawn for home gardens.
The tried and tested grass mixture is characterised by a high regenerative ability and well-groomed appearance. The lawn is also well suited for heavy duty use and impresses with its enormous resilience. Used as a classic lawn, it meets all of the criteria for a family lawn. With Greenfield Sport + Spiel (Family + Fun), you are always on the safe side.

For more information about the Greenfield range and the individual products, please contact us or download our lawn catalogue.