Gameland seed mixtures

Care and protection for game and nature

The constant changes in the farming landscape and the consequent shift in farm fauna and flora mean that game animals are increasingly forced onto farmland to find the food they need. Irrespective of this, their original habitat is increasingly being destroyed by humans.
This means that game animals live on farmland for parts of the year.
This land offers them peace and food in an otherwise species-poor cultivated landscape. Hunters, farmers and landowners have a responsibility towards game animals and are required to look after them. Interaction between humans and nature means that growing one of the mixtures for game listed offers animals a retreat as well as a rich, varied diet. It also increases biodiversity and enlarges the range of species grown in the cultivated landscape. Another benefit is that the wide range of plants in these mixtures attracts game animals away from farmland, thus preventing the damage they might otherwise cause to crops.
It is important to bear a number of legal conditions in mind when sowing a new area of land for grazing by game animals.