Alfalfa VERKO




The leafy one

is a heavily-leaved, very fine-stemmed variety which is popular thanks to its high protein content, strong spring growth and excellent regrowth performance, which allow it to produce three to four crops.
Harvesting is easy because the plants are so sturdy.
VERKO is also healthy. In particular, it is very unlikely to be affected by alfalfa wilt. It is suitable for use as fresh feed, for the production of dried green feed and for silaging in an alfalfa/grass mixture.

Sowings details:

Distance between rows: as cereals

Sowing rate:

25-30 kg/ha when sown alone
19-23 kg/ha when undersown in summer cereal,
25 kg/ha in a grass mixture with 6 kg/ha meadow fescue or tall oat grass, or 28 kg/ha in a grass mixture with 3 kg/ha of cocksfoot or timothy grass

Sowing period:

March to May when grown alone

Sowing depth:

1 – 2 cm


P and K according to the recommendations based on soil survey results


25 kg


Product no.: 201223